Front St Apt #1

This year, it was the biggest restoration we saw.

May 2 marked the date the owner took possession of the property. On June 1st, the Tenants of Apt #1 refused to pay rent, and we were unable to contact her. We have the right to enter after giving 24 hours’ notice yet July rolls by with no sign. The Tenant abandoned her cats, leaving them without food or water and starving to death. We dial the police, human society, and animal welfare. But after four weeks of them throwing the ball at each other and telling us, “We can’t help you,” our team decided to publish on social media to attract the attention required to obtain those animals a new, loving home.

The apartment was filled with cat urine and feces, which caused the entire building to smell. The cat was also infested with fleas. On October 7th, we received the go-ahead after filing the paperwork for an abandoned unit. Three days before the clean-up, the renter returned to get a few things but needed to dump all the rotten food from the freezer on the floor before she left, giving the building a terrible odour. We had to enter the apartment wearing masks and gloves to clean the freezer.

On October 9th we clear the apartment in 3 days, 2 40-yard bins full & then started the Restoration/Renovation.

From beginning to end, the project took roughly 4 weeks. 1st Ave West,  (6 bedroom Sharehouse)